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KHOFN EZCH SWEDEN, is specialised in residential, rental and business real estate in Sweden. We Offer to our clients exceptional and professional service, we strive to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them and ensure that your experience is both profitable and totally satisfying. Whether you are a Seller, Purchaser, Landlord or Tenant we are dedicated and committed to making "A Wow Experience" for your next real estate venture.
"Buying a bigger home doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money and don’t buy from us unless you are ready for success. Your best investment opportunity won’t fit into a safety deposit box, but you can live in it."
Manager and CEO; Sh. , H.

KHOFN EZCH SWEDEN doesn’t have new registration packages for residency or citizenship by investment from 31 may 2016 to 31 may 2017.  We just offer to our client services about buying, selling, renting properties with loan or cash also we offer registered commercial companies in Stockholm with presence of applicant. Therefore, we are open a few weeks later for also old applicants to follow up, without appointment specified every day except Sundays. Old applicants can visit and follow up their data from 31 may 2016 until one year. We have other services for companies like Contractor Agreement or Consulting Service Agreement, registration Company, leasing, changing activities of companies and upgrade documents.
Therefore, we don’t have any services after 31 may 2017 for applicants who have properties or packages out of the Stockholm. Location and telephone number of office will be announced soon on the website.

Stockholm, Sweden

Milan, Italy

Stockholm and Milan sightseen

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands of the vast Stockholm archipelago on the Baltic Sea. The cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings of medieval Gamla Stan, the royal palace of Kungliga Slottet and its underground armory, cafes and restaurants. Ferries and sightseeing boats shuttle passengers between islands, beneath more than 50 bridges.

Milan, a metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region, is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange, it’s a financial hub also known for its high-end dining and shopping. Housing Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco “The Last Supper,” testify to centuries of art and culture.